Curriculum and Assessment

Faculty at GGPA receive ongoing professional development training throughout the school year and summer. GGPA has embraced Beyond Textbooks and has provided training to staff of all the available resources and will ensure all teaching staff are using the curriculum with full fidelity. Teaching staff will utilize curriculum materials aligned with Arizona State Standards as well as blended learning opportunities with the use of Imagine Learning and various other technology resources. Teachers are trained in and evaluated by the Marzano Instructional Framework and Evaluation method to ensure high-quality educational opportunities for your child.


Each year, George Gervin students take a variety of state- and school-mandated assessments. Teachers use the results of these tests to plan instruction to meet individual students’ needs. Our rigorous curriculum and high-quality lessons help prepare students for these tests, but parents can also work at home to help prepare their children.

AzM2/AzSCI Prep Materials

AzM2 is the statewide achievement test for Arizona students. Arizona public school students in grades 3–8 and grade 10 (cohort 2023 in 2020–2021 school year) will take the grade-level AzM2 assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics. For your convenience, we have provided links to AzM2 prep materials developed by the Arizona State Department of Education.

The AzSCI Field Test will be administered to students in grades 5, 8, and 11 (Cohort 2022) in the 2020–2021 school year.

Beyond Textbooks

Beyond Textbooks logo

The goal of Beyond Textbooks is to collaborate with schools to improve student achievement through implementation of proven teaching and learning frameworks. BT includes all the necessary resources to implement a mandated standards based curriculum. In practice, Beyond Textbooks, a comprehensive program of curriculum development, instructional improvement, student assessment, and multi-level interventions, is the result of this philosophy of planning, teaching, and sharing.

Imagine Learning

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The philosophy of Imagine Learning is that every child deserves the chance to enjoy learning and the right to fulfill their unique potential. For more than fifteen years, their foundation has been helping students acquire, develop, and strengthen the language skills necessary to fully participate in academic settings and prepare for college and careers. Today, Imagine Learning provides a complete suite of adaptive digital curriculum and assessment solutions for PreK–8 that delivers unmatched excellence in language development—accelerating learning across subjects for all students. Highly engaging, interactive content and creative storytelling instill a love of learning through fun and enjoyment. Relatable characters, content, and scenarios combine with high-quality design to increase student motivation. Customized resources, activities, and analytics create unique pathways, ultimately meeting each student where they are—giving students equity of access regardless of their zone of proximal development. We embrace a rigorous curriculum and high standards, scaffolding up to support each student. Opportunities for academic language development build confidence in students as they learn to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. Timely, meaningful data offers a holistic overview of each student’s progress and performance—enabling educators to intervene and facilitate breakthrough moments of understanding for each child.

Envision Math

Envision Mathematics logo

enVision® Mathematics © 2020 is the only math program that combines problem-based learning and visual learning to deepen students’ conceptual understanding. enVision packs a unique one-two punch. Lessons start with Problem-Based Learning (PBL), where students must think critically about a real-world math problem, evaluate options, collaborate, and present solutions. This is followed by Visual Learning to solidify the underlying math concepts. It’s the best way to help kids better understand math ideas. PBL and Visual Learning make a powerful lesson setup. Each lesson combines lesson quick checks, observational assessments, and auto-generated reports to inform your teaching. Focus on students’ needs with intervention activities and resources for all learning levels.

Open Court Reading

Open Court Reading logo

Open Court Reading is research-based comprehensive K–5 reading, writing, and language arts curriculum that aligns with what we know about how students learn to read. Using systematic, explicit instruction, Open Court Reading helps all students master the foundational skills needed not only to move to proficiency, but also to achieve greater goals of reading independently with confidence inside and outside the classroom. Open Court Reading gives students the tools they need to read and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Strong foundational skills—combined with comprehension, writing, and inquiry—ensure that students are well prepared for a lifetime of literacy and learning.