Our Standards

We teach to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. You’ll find more information about these standards below:

Curriculum Services

creative mindsetAs of the 2016-2017 school year, all faculty have been training in a rigorous ongoing program called Education Effective Process (EEP). This is a program to ensure all students have a highly effective teacher in their classroom. In addition, we require all educators to participate throughout the year in several professional development trainings that are mandatory. Teachers continue training on half days, weekends, and summer hours to meet specific requirements for the state of Arizona. This specialized training ensures your son or daughter will receive the highest caliber education available in the Phoenix area and support their goals of college and career readiness. This grant originated in Texas, and George Gervin Prep Academy of Phoenix was added for our ability to work collaboratively with other schools. George Gervin Prep Academy is the only school in Arizona who received this grant.